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Talent concept: good idea, high understanding, strong ability to cultivate talents

A good concept means being optimistic, proactive, and identifying with the company culture; a high understanding means a strong learning ability and good job skills; a strong cultivating ability means being able to lead apprentices and be able to guide the progress of the subordinates. In Shushi Group, whether you are a senior leader or an ordinary operator, as long as you meet the above standards, you are a talent. The company encourages employees to keep making progress by selecting outstanding employees, chief employees, and promotion.


Selection strategy: Combine external introduction and internal training

Except for some professional management talents and professional technical talents introduced from outside, most of the staff and management positions are selected within the company through the recruitment of reserve talents, department recommendation, and individual self-recommendation. In this way, it can not only meet the needs of the company's development, but also build a diversified growth platform for ordinary employees who are pursuing progress and have development potential, so that they can take their work as a career and take root in Shushi.


Employment principle: the position is suitable for the person, and the person makes the best use of his talents

Everyone in Shushi Group knows two sentences: "The company has no rubbish, only misplaced resources" and "The most suitable is the best". The company’s employment is very flexible. It depends on academic qualifications rather than academic qualifications. Among the company’s management, there are masters graduates from national key universities, and junior high school students who have completed nine years of compulsory education to enter the society, but they all have one characteristic, that is, they are in line with the company. And the actual needs of the position. In the Shushi Group, every manager knows the strengths and weaknesses of his subordinates at a glance. What a person is good at will allow him to develop in the most suitable position.


Shushi Group is a gathering place for talents and a melting pot of forging talents. The company invests a lot of financial resources and energy every year to continuously cultivate all kinds of talents that meet the company's development needs through job exchanges and learning, internal and out-of-office training.



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