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Talent concept

Talent concept: good concept, high understanding, strong ability to cultivate talents

       good ideaIs optimistic, proactive, identify with the company culture;high savvyIs a strong learning ability, good job skills;Strong ability to cultivate talentsIs to be able to take disciples, can guide the progress of subordinates.


Selection strategy: a combination of external introduction and internal training

      Except for some professional management and technical personnel imported from outside, most staff and management positions are through.Reserve talent recruitment, departmental recommendation, individual self-recommendationand other ways to select within the company, which can not only meet the needs of the company's development, but also build a diversified growth platform for ordinary employees of the company who pursue progress and have development potential.


The principle of employing people: to make the best use of their talents

       "The company has no garbage, only misplaced resources", "the most suitable is the best". The company places emphasis on academic qualifications rather than academic qualifications, and always follows the principle of putting the right people in the right positions. The management of the company includes both master's degree students graduated from national key universities and junior high school students who have completed nine years of compulsory education and entered the society to work hard, but they all have one characteristic, which is to meet the actual needs of the company and positions.


Shu's Group is a gathering place of talents, but also a melting pot of forging talents. Every year, the company invests a lot of financial resources and energy to continuously cultivate all kinds of talents that meet the development needs of the company through job exchange and learning, internal and out-of-home training.