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Exhibition Special Report | Shu's Group Appears at 59th Tokyo International Hardware and DIY Exhibition

From August 24 to 26, 2023, the 59th Tokyo International Hardware and DIY Exhibition was held in Chiba Makuza International Exhibition Hall.

Tokyo International Hardware Exhibition is one of the largest hardware tool fairs in Japan and even in Asia. It has been supported by hardware associations in Europe and the United States. The exhibition brings together various products and represents the technological trend and development trend of related industries.

At the exhibition, Shu's products made their debut: UL certified PVC flame retardant tape, CSA certified PVC flame retardant tape, VDE certified PVC flame retardant tape, PVC environmentally friendly flame retardant tape, etc., to high quality interpret "Made in China".

With the increasing proportion of hardware imports, especially from Asia, the exhibition is an ideal place for companies to cultivate new business and expand their business to Japan and other countries. Chinese hardware and DIY products, first-class quality, inexpensive, Shu's products with superb technology casting boutique, favored by merchants around the world.

Through the industry exhibition platform, the tacit cooperation between the teams shows the advantages of Shu's products, provides customers with meticulous, thoughtful, professional and efficient services, fully demonstrates the company's brand image and strength, and enhances business cooperation. This trip has further consolidated the leading position of made in China in the international market, and we look forward to meeting you again.

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