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30 years of Shu's transformation from manufacturer to service provider.

Annual output of adhesive tape can reach 6.66 billion M

Exported to 108 countries and regions worldwide

Create more than 80 scenario-based solutions

Serve about 500000 offline sales terminals nationwide

Products cover electric power, automobile, heavy industry, construction, energy communication and other fields……

A series of impressive numbers show not only the 30-year brilliant performance of the Shu Group, but also the magnificent transformation from a roll of tape manufacturer to a service provider. then, how did shu group develop from a little-known workshop and small factory to a global adhesive tape service provider? a slogan on the wall of shu group's marketing department makes the best interpretation, that is:OneCut for customers, serve customers and make customers satisfied.

Since the birth of the first volume of black tape in 1993, Shushi has insisted on focusing on customers and has been constantly meeting the needs of customers. Especially today, when products are becoming more and more homogeneous, the company continues to optimize and improve traditional product formulas and technological processes to create personalized, professional and differentiated products, according to different countries, different market geographical characteristics, climate conditions and customer needs "tailor-made". However, when the strategy of "turning from a tape manufacturer to a tape service provider" was put forward, Shu's experienced a series of severe tests.

The first thing in front of R & D personnel is the cost. In their eyes, the fundamental to ensure the high quality of products is excellent raw materials and stable process, which can not be replaced at all. However, the complex process of customized products, high customer requirements and high cost are unavoidable realities. As the saying goes, "if you fight or scold, you can't come at a loss." in this way, R & D personnel have been adhering to the idea of doing a good job in the main products and satisfying customers, and focusing on the main products. Until one day, a phone call changed their minds.

In 2009, a state-owned enterprise procurement representative called for help. Their work often requires drilling and blasting. Using tape to tie explosives is the most economical and efficient way. Front-line workers generally reflect that Shushi adhesive tape is the best to use, but the toughness of the base material is too good to be easily torn off. At the same time, it affects the blasting power of explosives because it is too tightly wrapped. However, the general inferior adhesive tape is easy to warp and loosen after winding, which increases unsafe factors. It is better to have an adhesive tape that is easier to tear off while ensuring safety. For a long time, high mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and strong adhesion are one of the important indicators to measure the quality of the tape. It is also the demand of every tape user to wrap the object tightly.

For the sudden emergence of such a demand, really let the research and development personnel feel surprised. After figuring out the customer's detailed needs, they immediately entered the research and development project stage, according to the customer's special use scenario to develop a thin, high adhesion and ultra-thin adhesive tape. Under the premise of fully ensuring safety and blasting power, the construction personnel can easily tear off the tape when binding explosives.From the selection of raw materials to the change of process to the proofing of the laboratory until it was sent to the customer for trial, it took 30 days and more than a dozen tests before and after, and three samples of the scheme were provided for the customer to try out. Finally, the customer chose one and nodded with great satisfaction.

In the process of strategic positioning from manufacturer to service provider, Shu's has realized three levels of transformation: first, at the product level, it extends from a single insulating tape product to PVC electrical tape, automotive wiring harness tape, rubber self-adhesive tape, and then to the R & D and production of adhesive and film products, becoming a one-stop manufacturer of adhesive-film-PVC semi-finished products-finished products. The second is the user level, starting from customer needs, in addition to traditional channel sales, through participating in major exhibitions at home and abroad, looking for customers with personalized needs, to help them solve the special use of tape in different environments, functional application problems; third, the enterprise level, from the traditional manufacturer to the modern service provider, from the traditional processing and manufacturing enterprises to the heavy research and development of "intelligent" manufacturing transformation.

In fact, after proposing the strategy of transforming service providers, Shu's has become more well-known in the industry.

In recent years, for the northeast, northwest and Russia and other extremely cold countries, the ultra-low temperature and cold resistant belt used in the environment of minus 26 degrees has been launched. With its excellent quality and performance, Shu's tape has become the preferred product of Harbin Ice and Snow World. In view of the special environment such as high temperature and corrosion, high temperature resistant adhesive tape and ethylene-propylene rubber self-adhesive tape for optical cable and electronic communication are produced to adapt to extreme environment. According to the consumer demand of people paying attention to environmental protection and health, a series of lead-free environmental protection adhesive tapes are introduced. According to the requirements of European and American markets, environmental protection flame retardant adhesive tapes passing RoHS2.0 and low VOC environmental protection PVC automotive wiring harness adhesive tapes have been produced. Today, the company's products have developed from the initial insulating black tape to more than 60 categories and more than 100 varieties. The products are sold in various provinces and cities across the country and exported to 108 countries and regions.

At the same time, the company insists on taking the customer as the center, using WeChat public number and Douyin to popularize product knowledge and interact with customers. Perennial in-depth market visits to understand market information and customer needs, and enter customer files. In 2022, the official website will be established in Jingdong, and 24-hour online service will be implemented to form a set of after-sales service system of "all focusing on customers"; strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, go deep into the market all the year round to crack down on fake and shoddy products, and maintain the brand image, so as to make the company's brand more and more attractive and competitive.

Shu is accelerating the pace of transformation and upgrading, relying on new materials, connecting more users with "tape service", and becoming China's first-class "adhesive tape production and service provider".


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