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Multi-pronged | Comprehensive escort staff physical and mental health

Recently, the General Office of the National Health Commission announced a number of occupational health protection actions to organize and implement,Notice of excellent cases such as "occupational health talent" and healthy enterprise construction.Shu Group has the honor to nominate the second batch of excellent cases of health enterprise construction, and has been highly praised in terms of employee health management.

standard management,Good occupational health off

In 2015, Zhang Long (pseudonym) came to Shu's Group to apply. Like all employees, he must have a pre-job occupational health examination before entering the job. The results of the physical examination showed that Zhang Long's white blood cells were slightly lower. A few days later, Zhang Long conducted a routine review as required. This time the indicators were normal, so he became an employee of the Shu Group.

In the following years, Zhang Long's occupational health examination results have been normal, and he has gradually stabilized in the company. UntilIn 2019, Zhang Long's white blood cells were low again. Considering that the current position is no longer suitable for Zhang Long, the company transferred him to another position after discussing with Zhang Long. Zhang Long was very moved by the company's standardized and humanized measures. In his new position, he worked hard, learned skills hard, and quickly stood out. After being trained by the department, he was promoted to the monitor of this position.

The Shu Group was founded in In 1993, R & D and production of all kinds of tape, all over the domestic provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, has been exported to Russia, Germany and other more than 100 countries and regions, the comprehensive strength in the same industry ranks among the top three. While generating revenue,fully carried outThe work of "optimizing a healthy environment, improving health quality, promoting health culture, and strengthening health protection" effectively maintains the occupational health and safety of employees, and injects strong impetus into the high-quality development of enterprises. 

Shu set up an occupational health management team very early to formulate and strictly implement the occupational health management system. For toxic and hazardous workplaces that may cause acute occupational injuries, alarm devices, on-site first aid supplies, flushing equipment, emergency evacuation channels and necessary evacuation areas shall be provided. The detection of occupational hazards is carried out once a year, and the evaluation of the current situation of occupational hazards is carried out every three years, and the test results are all qualified. Organize employees who are exposed to occupational hazards to participate in occupational health examination every year, and timely improve employees' personal occupational health surveillance files. Regular maintenance and overhaul of occupational disease protection facilities. Regular and adequate distribution of occupational hazard protection articles. Hazard notification cards and warning signs shall be set up in each production workshop as required.

During the construction of the new plant, the occupational disease protection facilities of the construction project shall be strictly implemented."Three Simultaneous" system: the layout of the production environment is reasonable, harmful and harmless operations are separated, and the layout of toilets is standardized.Enterprise waste gas, waste water discharge standards in line with environmental requirements. Plant fire facilities are complete, safe and effective. Workplace lighting, lighting, ventilation, insulation and other aspects are in line with national and local standards and requirements.

In addition to paying attention to the occupational health of employees in accordance with the regulations, Shushi Group also combines the results of previous inspections to carry out employee health assessments, classify and dynamically manage the diseases that have been detected, and guide employees to carry out standardized treatment in a targeted manner."While focusing on efficiency, we put the health of our employees in the first place. In 2019, the company moved to a new factory area and introduced more advanced production equipment in the industry. The risk of occupational diseases was further reduced. The results of on-the-job inspections in the past three years were all 100.% qualified."Xiong Lei, manager of the company's human resources department and member of the occupational health management team, said.

Build safety on the tip of the tongue,keep the occupational health door

As the saying goes, the disease from the mouth. Diet is an important entrance to the maintenance of health, and how does the Shu Group protect the safety of the tongue?There is one thing that still makes employees talk about.

The canteen of Shu's Group conducts employee satisfaction surveys every quarter to collect employees' suggestions and opinions on the canteen. Every time, many employees will say"Strong dissatisfaction": "The food in the canteen is too good, and then eat three high", "I feel that there are too many meat and fish in the canteen, and people have gained several pounds", "I suggest that the standard of food in the canteen be lowered a little"... After Shu realized this problem, he quickly made a series of adjustments in his diet. On the one hand, in the process of cooking meals, try to reduce salt and oil, reduce foods with high fat content, such as fat meat, hoofs, fried peanuts, and reduce the supply of "meat soup" such as tube bone soup and chicken soup, so that employees can taste "vegetarian" a little. On the other hand, posters of dietary pagodas are posted in canteens and staff homes, and oil-and salt-controlling appliances such as oil-limiting pots, salt-limiting tanks and salt-controlling spoons are placed in staff homes to guide more employees to raise health awareness and develop healthy eating habits.

Shu's group is self-operated canteen, the restaurant is spacious and bright, clean and tidy, the latest recipes of the week are pasted on the wall. Dining in the canteen adopts the form of free self-service, with obvious signs to stop the waste of food and beverage. In the back kitchen, the health certificates of the employees are neatly hung together, and the sample retention area in the freezer will be updated in time according to the recipe of the day, so as to facilitate timely detection when food safety problems occur. The canteen conducts quarterly training on canteen rules and regulations, operation skills, nutrition, balanced diet and food safety.

In addition to strict canteen management standards, the company has also developed and improved drinking water equipment, plant killing,A series of health-related management regulations, such as the "three wastes" emission management regulations, vector prevention and control, and emergency plans for the prevention and control of infectious diseases, make the work rule-based and improve work efficiency.

Advocacy Campaign,Be the first person in your own health.

"I exercise, I am healthy, I am happy." Such slogans can be seen everywhere in the factory.The company's indoor sports field and gym are open free of charge to promote the fitness enthusiasm of all employees. Build a factory28 anniversary celebration, the company for all employees free of charge millet sports bracelet. The Shu Group also actively carried out various health-related cultural and sports activities, established the "Nine-headed Bird" badminton club, the Shu Group basketball team, and the Shu running team, and actively organized training. Many times organized Sunshine Cup badminton competitions, fun sports games, "June 1" parent-child activities, many people participated in the first Xiaogan Marathon, "Xiaogan people travel Xiaogan" ten thousand people walking and other activities. Organize employees to visit Xinyang Jigong Mountain, Suizhou Dahong Mountain, Anlu Baizhao Mountain and other scenic spots, so that employees can put down their work, walk into nature and relax. 

Start with small things.,Advocate green environmental protection life

Shu has also made great efforts in advocating a civilized, healthy and green lifestyle. There are public bicycles in the factory area, which is convenient for employees to pass through. Publicize and advocate garbage classification, recycle office paper scraps and other materials, and set up toner cartridge and battery recycling areas in living and office areas. Tobacco control work will be carried out in an all-round way. Smoking is strictly prohibited in indoor public places, and obvious no-smoking signs will be set up in many places to create a smoke-free environment.


In the past three years, Schulz has passedWith the construction of "healthy enterprise", employees gradually realize the importance of health and gradually develop some good behavior habits. After dinner, employees can be seen everywhere in the factory in groups of three and five, taking a leisurely walk to relieve food. In the circle of friends, from time to time I brush screenshots of colleagues challenging the 10-kilometer fun run. The construction of "healthy enterprises" is generally fruitful. Next, Shu's will consolidate its work results, innovate working methods, continue to in-depth promote health knowledge, closely focus on the construction goals of healthy people and a healthy environment, continue to strengthen health services, create a healthy environment, and promote the company's construction of "healthy enterprises". Go to a new level.


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