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Good News Broadcast-Shu Group was awarded the Hubei Enterprise Technology Center

Good News Broadcast-Shu Group was awarded the Hubei Enterprise Technology Center


The identification of the Enterprise Technology Center aims to further improve the industrial innovation system with enterprises as the main body, market-oriented, and deep integration of industry, university, research and application, comprehensively enhance the innovation capability of the manufacturing industry, and give full play to the main role of enterprises in the construction of scientific and technological self-reliance and manufacturing power.

Shushi Group is an enterprise specializing in innovative R & D and intelligent manufacturing of electrical insulation tape. Its leading products belong to the key basic materials in the ten key industries of manufacturing power. It is the vice chairman unit of China Adhesive and Adhesive Tape Industry Association and a model enterprise in the industry. It has the one-stop production capacity of calendered film-pressure sensitive adhesive-adhesive tape in production, and has been in the leading level in China. It has strong competitiveness in the middle and high-end product market, can be comparable with foreign products. He has participated in the preparation of national standards for insulating tape (GB20415-2006) and group standards for PVC electrical adhesive tapes for automotive wiring harnesses (T/CPCIF0061-2020). In the industry to take the lead in the development of UV light curing tape, EB electron beam curing tape, the product does not require high temperature curing in the production process, in line with the national "energy saving carbon reduction" requirements. In addition, the company's research and development of low VOC environmental protection automotive wiring harness with PVC series tape, breaking through the technical monopoly of foreign enterprises, to fill the domestic gap.

Shu's Group Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, engaged in electrical insulation protection and automotive wiring harness tape innovation research and development of enterprises, the main research and development and production of PVC electrical tape, automotive wiring harness tape, high-voltage electrical self-adhesive tape, industrial tape and other products. The products are used in bundling, wear resistance, noise reduction and protection of automobile wiring harnesses; packaging in the electronics industry, intermediate connection and waterproof sealing of wires and cables in the power and communication industries, optical fiber cables, etc. The company has "Shu" and "Hydra" two well-known trademarks in China. The company has 53 authorized patents, including 4 invention patents, 25 utility model patents, and 24 appearance patents. In the past three years, it has developed more than 38 new products and obtained more than 20 patents.

Shushi Group has always attached great importance to scientific and technological innovation research and development, and regarded the construction of the technology center as the company's key work, invested a lot of money and manpower in product innovation research and development and the exploration of industry development, and led the industry through its own research and development capabilities and innovation level Development, thereby further enhancing the company's product status and core competitiveness. The identification of "Hubei Enterprise Technology Center" requires enterprises to have significant development advantages and competitive advantages in the industry, with high innovation efficiency and good innovation benefits. After going through all aspects of declaration, review, defense and final review, and through strict review and evaluation by experts organized by the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Shu's company has successfully obtained the "Hubei Enterprise Technology Center" with its excellent technical standards ".

The state encourages enterprises to implement the strategy of invigorating enterprises through science and technology from the policy aspect. Only by putting independent innovation in the strategic position of priority development can we grasp the opportunity and win the initiative. Through the identification of the technology center, Shu Group will further promote the establishment and improvement of innovation investment mechanism, talent incentive mechanism and innovation cooperation mechanism, enhance the scientific and technological innovation ability of enterprises, and help to continuously improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

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