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Good news ∣ Strength creates brilliance, Shushi Group won the CSA certificate successfully

In August, the sweet scented osmanthus blooms in the cool golden. In this harvest season, Shushi Group successfully obtained the CSA certificate issued by the Canadian Standards Association, become one of the few enterprises in the industry who have the strength to win this award. It provides the key and necessary condition for our products to enter the European and American markets, and also lays a solid foundation for the company's commercial expansion in the international market. It marks that the Chinese manufacturing pioneer represented by Shushi Group has gradually been standing on the global level, walking at the forefront of the world.


CSA is the abbreviation of Canadian Standards Association. Founded in 1919, it is the first non-profit organization in Canada dedicated to the formulation of industrial standards. It is one of the leaders in the formulation, testing, inspection and certification of global standards. All the electronic, electrical, sanitary and gas products sold in the North American market must obtain safety certification. CSA is the largest safety certification body in Canada and one of the most famous safety certification bodies in the world. It has provided certification services for thousands of manufacturers all over the world. Every year, hundreds of millions of products with CSA certificate are sold in the North American market.


CSA certification is difficult to obtain and with a high recognition. The R & D team from Shushi Group interprets its strength with professionalism. This is not only a contest of product quality, but also a demonstration of the company's comprehensive ability. It is hoped that the company can explore a wider international market and protect the safety of global users.

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