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Governor Wang Xiaodong investigated the situation of Shu's return to work

On the morning of March 18th, Wang Xiaodong, deputy secretary of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee, governor, and commander of the provincial new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters

  On the morning of March 18th, Wang Xiaodong, deputy secretary of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee, governor, and commander of the provincial new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters, and his party came to Shushi Group to check the situation of the company's epidemic prevention and control, resumption of work and production. Governor Wang Xiaodong carefully reviewed the company's management measures during the epidemic, and inquired in detail about employees' resumption rate, production arrangements, product sales and epidemic prevention and control measures, and in-depth understanding of employees' accommodation, dining and other details.

  Governor Wang Xiaodong affirmed the Shushi Group's epidemic prevention and control work, and spoke highly of the company's practices in formulating regulations and systems such as plant disinfection, temperature detection, staggered dining, and emergency response. Encourage Shushi Group to adhere to the system to manage personnel and affairs, and to ensure the prevention and control of the epidemic, as it began, to provide guarantee for normal production and operation.

  As one of the first enterprises to resume work in Xiaonan District, Shushi Group has resumed work in an orderly manner under the guidance of party committees and governments at all levels since it officially resumed work on March 13. Come back and work hard to achieve this year's production target.

  To fight the epidemic together, Shu's help: Donate 1 million yuan to Xiaonan District Charity Association for the purchase of epidemic prevention materials, and provide the company's old factory to the Xiaonan District Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters for use.

  Worrying about employees' worries and alleviating people's urgency: In order to solve the basic living security of employees, since February 4, the company will provide living allowances to employees who cannot resume work due to the epidemic, and provide assistance to employees in need.

  Strict management to reduce the risk of employee infection: A leading group for epidemic prevention and control was established on January 27, with departments as a unit, through positioning, video connections, etc., to grasp the real-time dynamics of each employee, control potential risks, and form a daily epidemic report mechanism. At present, the company's employees and their families have achieved zero diagnoses and zero suspicions.

  Strengthen publicity to make epidemic prevention knowledge deeply rooted in the hearts of the people: make posters and publicity slogans, increase epidemic publicity through the company's WeChat official account, WeChat group, exhibition boards, etc., and print the resumption of work and production prevention control into a book, one book for each person, easy to learn And execution.

  Take precautions and fight preparedness: purchase sufficient masks, disinfection supplies and other anti-epidemic materials in advance to ensure the safety of resuming work. Organize special classes and work overtime. On the eve of the resumption of production, formulate a prevention and control plan for resumption of production and production during the epidemic, and upgrade the prompt language of epidemic prevention and control to the company's epidemic prevention system, forming prescribed actions that require employees to perform.

  Pay attention to details and achieve full prevention and control coverage: In strict accordance with the unified deployment of Xiaonan District Prevention and Control Headquarters, special personnel are arranged to disinfect the factory area. Key areas are recorded three times a day. Two-way body temperature detection is implemented for employees on and off work. Emergency response will be activated immediately if abnormalities are found. Plan. Practice staggered dining and sleep alone to avoid crowds.

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