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Gratitude! The small true happiness that meets with you -- 25 anniversary photo exhibition of the factory

25 years old, is the age of Fenghua Zhengmao 25 years old is the glory of the prosperous years How about your 25 years old?

25 years old, is the age of Fenghua Zhengmao

25 years old is the glory of the prosperous years

How about your 25 years old?

What kind of vision

What kind of memories

You at this moment

Must show the most beautiful smile

Yes, Shu Shi is also 25 years old

In order to remember the youth who worked hard in the past

Gathering strength to create a new era of Shu's brilliance

The company held a 25th anniversary photo exhibition

Let all new and old employees

Get together

Twenty-five years of prosperous years

Fortunately to get the attachment and deep love of employees

Fortunately to be trusted and favored by partners

Fortunately to receive support and love from all walks of life

Shu's grew from a weak baby to a strong youth

It all stems from

First sight


as well as

Unforgettable watch

Remember that power outage at Zhongnan Rubber Factory?

Sultry weather

More than 20 employees led by the factory director

Sang "Honghu Water Waves Beating Waves"

No music, no stage

Some are calmly optimistic and passionate in the face of setbacks

Some are the perseverance and faith in the face of difficulties

This-is our entrepreneurial spirit

Prosperity is not arrogant, adversity is not discouraged, self-improvement is more than just climbing

Remember the first time vinyl tape products were exported to Russia?

Almost harsh delivery conditions make people wonder

Such machinery and equipment, such employees, such craftsmanship

Can it be done?


The spirit of not admitting defeat is passed on from generation to generation

To prove yourself

Have the courage and determination to be yourself

Remember the 2008 financial crisis?

Production is suspended in the factory, and employees are on holiday

No sales, no income

Depression everywhere

No matter what, you can't lose employees

People are not together, the hearts must be together

Soon, the company’s living allowance was distributed to the employees

still remember……

You may remember, or you may have forgotten

It doesn't matter

There are too many small fortunes

Shu Shi always remembered

Remember every little luck that I met with you

Grateful for every little blessing I met with you

Beginning to stick to the industry


Determined to recreate glory

25 years, 30 years, 50 years, 100 years...

Let us continue to experience the little luck and happiness of being together

Capture the beauty and touch of every moment together with your heart

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